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Navigating the Future

Each Legislative Session, the Wyoming Association of Public Charter Schools Works to Our Policy Priorities

In the evolving landscape of education, charter schools have emerged as a driving force in offering innovative, flexible, and diverse public education options.

We stand with kids and families. That's why we will continue to work with our policymakers and partners on the following four priorities so that every Wyoming family as access to high performing public school.

Adequate and Comparable Funding

Despite their growing popularity and proven success, charter schools often face financial challenges due to more limited funding. Establishing a comparable funding model that provides charter school students with 100% of all state, local, and federal funds would not only align charter school funding with traditional public schools, but also help ensure that every child who wants to attend a charter school can do so.

We also support exploring alternative funding sources such as public-private partnerships to offer charter schools more funding sources. Such partnerships could involve local businesses and community organizations, fostering a stronger community bond and providing students with additional resources and learning opportunities.

Easing Regulations

A supportive regulatory environment and charter school law are essential for starting and maintaining high-quality charter schools. The current charter school regulatory framework in Wyoming, while well-intentioned, limits the autonomy, flexibility and innovation that are the hallmarks of public charter schools. We support easing restrictions on growth, personnel decisions, and school calendars. We further believe in transparent authorizer decision making processes, simplifying compliance requirements, and providing more autonomy from most state regulations. We support easing regulations for all public schools, too.

Support for Innovation and Flexibility

Charter schools are showcasing innovative approaches to education and adaptable learning environments tailored to student needs. To maintain this edge, it is crucial that legislative policies support and encourage autonomy and flexibility in decision-making in exchange to being held to the highest standards of accountability. Laws that offer greater flexibility in how school approach staffing, curriculum design, school calendars, and teacher leadership will significantly enhance student learning and teacher satisfaction.

Policies that foster innovation combined with tailored teaching methods can help close achievement gaps and foster career pathways that can lead to dual-enrollment programs, technical career shadowing, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to cutting-edge research and industry practices.

Expanding Charter Schools Access

Charter schools offer an opportunity to offer high-quality public education options to a diverse array of students, including those from rural and underserved communities. Yet not all Wyoming families have the opportunity to exercise their right to choose a public school that is best for them. That's why we support lifting the cap on charter school growth -- so that all families have equitable access to public school options in their communities.

Join us as we work towards policies that help support all kids in reaching their full potential and create public schools that reflect the rich tapestry of Wyoming's communities.

Students at Wyoming Classical Academy
Case Studies: Success Stories and Lessons

The effectiveness of charter schools in Wyoming is not just theoretical. Schools like XYZ Charter School in Cheyenne have demonstrated remarkable success in improving student outcomes, particularly in STEM subjects. This school's approach, which emphasizes hands-on learning and real-world problem solving, has not only boosted academic performance but also student engagement and interest in higher education.

Similarly, ABC Charter School in Casper, with its focus on arts and humanities, has enriched students' cultural understanding and fostered a community of creativity and expression. These examples underscore the potential of charter schools when adequately supported by legislation and funding.

Call to Action

As we approach the 2024 Wyoming state legislative session, it is imperative for legislators, government affairs specialists, and legislative staff to recognize and support these priorities. The decisions made in this session will have a lasting impact on the education landscape of Wyoming. By advocating for increased funding, regulatory reforms, support for innovation, and expanded access and equity, we can ensure that charter schools continue to play a pivotal role in educating and inspiring the next generation.


Charter schools represent a dynamic and vital part of Wyoming's educational ecosystem. The legislative session of 2024 offers a unique opportunity to address the challenges and harness the potential of these institutions. Through thoughtful and targeted legislation, we can pave the way for a future where every child in Wyoming has access to a high-quality, innovative, and inclusive education. Let's work together to make this vision a reality for the benefit of our students and our state