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We work for students.

Arguably, the most important education decisions are made at the state and local level.

That's why we at the Wyoming Public Charter Schools Association works with policymakers and our partners to create a policy environment that ensures every student has access to a great public school.

State charter school laws ultimately govern how charter schools are run, how much they can grow, and how much funding they receive. That's why we at the Wyoming Charter Schools Association work directly with our state and local partners to ensure charter schools have a policy and political landscape that helps students, educators, and families thrive.

This means we support laws that provide charter schools with the freedom to innovate in exchange for results, ensuring charter school students receive equitable funding, and not capping the number of charter schools. We will continue to educate and collaborate with policymakers listening to families and educators and pushing for improvements in all public schools.  

Wyoming charter school students at the Wyoming State Capitol Building

Charter schools are already working in Wyoming.

Charter schools are innovative and adaptive schools designed to meet the needs of their communities. Though much attention is placed on charter schools in urban settings, they aren't the only places where public charter schools can offer students a high-quality education. Take a look at how rural charter schools are effectively meeting the needs of the students in their communities.

Resources for Policymakers