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What you should know about charter schools

Facts everyone should know about supporting charter schools in Wyoming.

Charter schools are always tuition-free.

  • Charter schools are public schools that receive state foundation funds, like all other public schools. They do not charge tuition under any circumstances and do not have any entrance exams. 
  • Charter schools are simply another free public school option for students and families in the communities they serve and, in many cases, are founded by members of those communities.
  • Charter schools have been around for 30 years and forty-six states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam have charter schools. 

Charter schools are open to all students.

  • Charter schools accept any student. Charter schools are usually in high demand, so to play fair they are required to have a public, randem and blind lottery system if more students want to attend a charter school than there is room. 
  • Wyoming’s charter school law and regulations ensure that gives everyone an equal opportunity to get in.

Charter schools follow the same accountability laws as all public schools.

  • Charter schools participate in the same state tests and are accountable to state test standards. They follow the same special education laws and regulations and must adhere to a child’s IEP.
  • In addition, they also uphold the standards set in their charter and are accountable to their authorizer and most important, to each and every parent who sends their students to the school.

What makes charter schools different from district schools? 

  • Charter schools work independently from local school district boards of education -- affording them the ability to meet students where they are, without as much red tape. 
  • They’re accountable to the families who attend them, the Wyoming state standards and requirements their approved charter (hence, “charter” school).

How are charter schools funded?

  • The state foundation funds follow the student to the charter school. Local school districts know a year in advance when a charter school will open and with how many students, so they have time to adjust their budgets as needed.