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Wyoming expands educational options with two new charter schools

The Wyoming Public Charter Schools Association is proud to celebrate the opening of two new charter schools in Wyoming.


CHEYENNE, Wyo. - The Wyoming Public Charter Schools Association is proud to celebrate the opening of two new charter schools in Wyoming. Wyoming Classical Academy in Mills and Prairie View Community School in Chugwater represent a significant step towards increasing education freedom for students and families in the state.

Public charter schools are independent, public, and tuition-free schools that are given the freedom to be more innovative in exchange for being held accountable for advancing student achievement. Charter schools allow families to choose an educational option that best fits their child's learning needs.

Kari Cline, executive director of the Wyoming Public Charter Schools Association, said, “We are thrilled about the expansion of public education options throughout Wyoming. These two schools are hopefully just the first of many. We can thank the strong collaboration between communities, parents, and legislators as a driving force behind this achievement.”

Offering grades K-6, Prairie View Community School opened August 21, and Wyoming Classical Academy opened on August 28. With a combined capacity to accommodate approximately 300 students, these new public charter schools empower teachers to deliver innovative and top-notch instruction while creating personalized classrooms for students. 

"We want to provide students a solid foundation of reading, writing, and math and want the feel of the building to be joyful as we approach the challenge of learning with a sense of purpose and wonder," said Matt Teterud, headmaster of Wyoming Classical Academy. “We are excited about providing an exceptional American Classical education focused on reasoning skills and robust content using proven methods and materials.” 

Natrona County parent Senah C. Selby is excited to have two children enrolled at the Wyoming Classical Academy. The school aligns with her family’s educational goals and places emphasis on the long-term personal success of their children.

She said, “We are pleased that a new opportunity for an alternate educational model, founded on a long history of successful teaching methods, is available, offering parents and students another choice. We are eager to start the new school year.”

Prairie View Community School director Bryce Cushman sees the opening as an opportunity to tailor an educational experience that fits the Chugwater community, the needs of the students and the parents.

"We can implement a project-based/place-based learning program that fits our students and demographics well and gets kids and families excited about coming to school," Cushman said. "This makes the school a center for ideas, for growth, and a safe place to challenge ourselves and explore the world around us." 

Mike Van Why has children attending Prairie View Community School. He said, “I believe that going to a charter school there is more transparency and accountability compared to the large schools. I believe that parents now have a say in our kids' education. I believe that my kids will thrive here, be challenged and become the best they can be.”


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Rachel Girt